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We are your partner in navigating through the tedious process of obtaining a mortgage loan. Our mortgage loan processing team will guide you through each step, answering questions

and clarifying information.

We are your advocate to ensure you reach the finish line on time......

the mortgage loan closing and the dream of homeownership!



Saleztrax Mortgage Processing was developed with YOU, the originator, in mind!

The process of obtaining a home mortgage in today's environment can be complex for the consumer.  As a third party contract processor we work closely with your clients to obtain the required documentation to reach our shared goal of loan closing. Our commitment to customer service will allow you the opportunity to share your expertise advising and assisting  your clients!



Collectively our staff has over 100 years of mortgage loan processing experience.  Our solid reputation and industry contacts proves to be a major benefit to our clients. 

We will work closely with our origination partners and consumers to ensure the process is smooth and efficient.

We know our success depends on a successful closing experience. 




Saleztrax utilizes state of the art Intelligent Process Automation working in a digital mortgage environment for maximum security and efficiency. Consumers and Originators are provided with a secure portal with password protected logins and a secure email address for the purpose of securely providing documentation that contains personal data.

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The Process

After receipt of the loan application package from the originator, Saleztrax's knowledgeable staff will review documents provided for completeness and compliance with state and federal regulations. Our highly qualified staff is capable of pre-underwriting your file and determing what the lender will require to obtain the loan approval.  Our goal, working with the consumer, is to submit a file for underwriting as complete as possible for a successful outcome.

The Closing

Our goal throughout the transaction is to be certain that the consumer is ready to close on the contract closing date.  We will work dilligently to ensure all requirements of the lender are met and closing can proceed as scheduled, stress free.

The Fee

Our third party contract processing fee is $995, with the exception of  FHA 203k or Renovation Loans which is $1295. Saleztrax receives payment at closing and is listed on the closing disclosure.  

Saleztrax will waive the processing fee on transactions that do not close.


Each Consumer and Originatior will have a dedicated loan processor for their transaction who will maintain constant communication via email during the process. Since the requirements of documentation is so specific, it's important to communicate the details in writing.

We answer the phone when you call!  

727 483 9820 


What Consumers need to know?

1. Communication is KEY! Respond quickly to all request for documentation or information.

2. Respond to all E-Sign requests from the lender immediately to avoid delays in the process.

3. Refrain from making any changes to your current financial position. 

    Prior to any unavoidable change, please review with your originator and loan processor. 

4.  Always provide ALL Pages of any documentation requested, even if the page is blank.

5.  Do not alter documents with white out or redactions.

5. Always call if you are unsure or have a question.  We are here to help!

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The mission of Saleztrax Mortgage Processing 

is to expertly provide a positive and expedient mortgage financing experience in a secure digital environment.

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